Lone Worker Monitoring Information


Our Lone Worker Monitoring Centre provides 24/7 monitoring of bailiffs, enforcement officers, hotel reception staff, `home visit` nursing staff, council employees, security officers/engineers or ‘key holders’.

We already monitor a number of different devices for lone/vulnerable workers. These devices work on a principle solution that a worker can be located by global positioning satellites (GPS) which are then tracked once activated. Communication with the worker can take place through the device using GSM/SMS (BS 8484 compliant), or by other communication means (none BS 8484 compliant).

The type of lone worker monitoring delivered will depend upon your requirements.

For example, some clients may only require their employees to contact us when they enter and exit certain locations. We may also monitor a device that either requires the SOS function to be manually activated, is activated through a motion sensor or by impact inertia.

How the service works

On receipt of an activation, operators at Cava Guard Monitoring liaise with the client and/or the emergency response services.

Our operators supply them with the required information, this may include a grid reference, copy of a map (street level) and/or a latitude/longitude reference of the end users location.

Then depending on the client instructions we may also be required to provide personal details of the lone worker such as a personal description or relevant medical information.

All calls to and from the Lone Worker Monitoring Centre are fully recorded, logged and archived in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Lone/Vulnerable People – Disability and/or Medical Conditions
Cava Guard provides a 24/7 service that helps protect growing numbers of vulnerable and elderly members of the community.

The service is provided in co-operation with those specialist service providers who supply devices and equipment to those organisations responsible for the well being of such vulnerable individuals