Our Company has used Cava Guard Group for the past 4 years; having TUPE transferred over our existing Staff without any disruption to us. The services Cava Guard Group provide are Static Manned Guarding and Patrols. All guards project a professional image and are polite and diligent in all aspects of their work. Every guard has on-going training on our customer sites and are well presented and in full uniform. Cava Guard Group is a professional company and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Manned Guarding Steve Buettner

Our two practices have enjoyed the services of the Cava Guard Group since 2004. In the years prior to that, the doctors and managers acted as key holders and could and were often called out in the middle of the night and at weekends to attend to alarm¬†activation’s. Contracting with Cava Guard Group as a key holding service for the practices has been one of the best decisions we took. They are ultimately professional and trustworthy. We all sleep easily in our beds now, knowing someone we trust is caring for our premises.

Key Holding Sandra Such